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About Floralator

Designers want to provide customers with the value they deserve without error. Floralator makes it simple by providing an option to determine the amount allotted for flowers (fresh product) and an option to calculate the retail price of an arrangement.

Both options will ensure the customer orders will be priced accurately and consistently. So, use Floralator and remove the doubts about your calculations.

Floral Designer Calculator

The basic premise of Floral Arrangement Pricing is that your labor charge should be based on the fact that the container should be 10% or less of the total order. If your container is more than 10%, you need to calculate the difference between your container and the 10% allowance. Then reduce the total of the order by that difference. Now, you can calculate your labor charge on that reduced amount.

Floralator allows for two options, the first option calculates the amount available for flowers (fresh) when filling an order, by simply inputting the order total and the container charge. The second option calculates the retail price of an arrangement, by inputting the total in flowers (fresh) used, and the container charge. Make sure the correct labor charge is selected.

Every shop owner decides what labor charge they need based on their particular situation. There is a 5% (up to a maximum of $5) supply charge automatically added in to each order.

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Accurate Results

Florist shops love the acurracy of Floralator and that it removes the element of human error with the calculations. You'll love it too!

Quick response

The Floralator provides results instantly. This saves precious time and increases productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you'll love the APP. Here are a few popular questions asked about the Floralator APP.


Can I set my default values?

Yes. Simply go to "Settings" and set your default and it will remember your selections. You can change the values at the time of calculation if you wish.


What is the Supply Charge?

There is a 5% supply charge automatically added in to each order. The supply charge covers preservatives, enclosure card with message and address, pick and oasis used. The 5% supply charge will not exceed $5 on any order.


What is the Labor Charge amount?

Every shop owner decides what labor charge they need based on their particular situation. The Floralator allows you to choose from 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 35% and 40% labor charge.

Floral Calculations Made Simple!

Floralator is NOW AVAILABLE for IOS and Android installations.

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Floralator is a hit with floral designers and florist shops. Hear what users think and how they just love the Floralator APP!